Senate District 8

Meet Angelique

When Angelique Ashby first ran for Sacramento City Council over a decade ago, she was told that she couldn’t make a difference because she was “just a mom.” She proved the naysayers wrong — quickly.

It was Angelique’s experience as a business owner, and a neighborhood activist, coupled with her earlier years as a single mother living in low-income housing, using food stamps and subsidized child care while attending law school and raising her son on her own, that gave her the perspective necessary to usher in a new day at Sacramento’s City Hall.

The only woman on the council for over six years, the first-ever in history to give birth while in office, and the only person to serve as Vice Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem for seven years — Angelique turned a “boys club” into a city that works for more Sacramentans.

While serving on the Council, Angelique secured millions in funding to build schools, community centers, parks, and fire stations. She attracted a Fortune 500 company to the city — bringing five thousand high-wage jobs to the region — fought for and advanced massive flood control improvements, and proposed the approved citywide plan to push forward solutions for unhoused community members, securing millions for programs serving women and children experiencing homelessness. 

Angelique has passed policies fighting climate change at the local level, built the city’s largest youth service program, and implemented state-leading police reforms like body cameras and Breonna’s Law. She has championed diversity and equity and authored the entire suite of good governance reforms adopted by the Sacramento City Council, including the Ethics Commission.

Now, Angelique is running to bring her experience, tenacity, and policy know-how to the California State Senate.

Too many families in Sacramento, Elk Grove, and across Senate District 8 are falling through the Capitol’s cracks. We need a strong leader like Angelique to fight for resources in our region and for policy solutions that address our statewide challenges.

We need more — and better — jobs. We have to address the crisis of unhoused individuals and ensure families can afford their rent or mortgage. We need to expand health care, make college and vocational training attainable goals for all Californians, fight a changing climate, and repair a broken criminal justice system.

We need reliable childcare, universal preschool, well-funded schools, modern-day libraries, internet access in every home, safe parks, and a well-trained workforce to lead our future. We need to invest in arts, entrepreneurs, life sciences, and literacy. We must do all we can to ensure that today’s little girls will become women paid equal wages to their male counterparts when they enter the workforce of tomorrow. 

California has always been the place where people dream big, strike gold, invent the impossible, tell the story, experience majestic beauty and make history — one courageous fight at a time. But this state is best, and most importantly, known as a place that is open to all people who wish to call it home — a place where people are free to be themselves — to live fully as whoever they were born to be.

This is the roadmap Angelique will use to navigate as your State Senator.

Angelique is a graduate of Sacramento High School and obtained her B.A in Sociology with an emphasis on Law and Society from the University of California at Davis and her Juris Doctorate from the University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law.

Angelique and her husband Zac, who is an emergency room nurse at a downtown hospital, live in Natomas with their two youngest children, Tyus and Alia. Their adult son, Nate works in midtown Sacramento and lives in the Pocket Greenhaven community.

Angelique is a known fighter with a track record of success. She is still “that Mom from Natomas.” She is also the most qualified person for the job and she is ready to go to work for you.

“The only woman on the council [for most of her career], and a former public housing resident, she often focuses on ways to help low-income women and children.”

“Ashby evolved from a well-liked community activist to a well-liked elected representative.”

2015 Honoree

“Having had her third child while in office, she’s become a role model for women who want to talk with her about how to balance family and careers.”

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