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We need reliable child care, universal preschool, well-funded schools, modern-day libraries, internet access in every home, safe parks, and a well-trained workforce to lead our future. We need to invest in arts, entrepreneurs, life sciences, and literacy. We must do all we can to ensure that today’s little girls will become women paid equal wages to their male counterparts when they enter the workforce of tomorrow – and that they have the reproductive freedom necessary to plan and control their futures.”

California has always been the place where people dream big, strike gold, invent the impossible, tell the story, experience majestic beauty and make history – one courageous fight at a time. But this state is best, and most importantly, known as a place that is open to all people who wish to call it home – a place where people are free to be themselves – to live fully as whoever they were born to be.

This is the roadmap I will use to move progress forward as your State Senator.”  — Angelique

Responding to COVID-19

Many families were struggling before this pandemic. Covid-19, and all of its far-reaching impacts, have made those problems worse.

Angelique hasn’t been sitting on the sidelines — she’s been leading in Sacramento since the moment this crisis hit by supporting essential workers, expanding testing, funding internet access, establishing child care, dealing with mental health concerns, providing food to seniors and low-income households, setting up vaccination sites and helping small businesses as well as those who lost their employment.

In the State Senate, Angelique will continue to prioritize those hit hardest by this crisis — working families, children, communities of color, small businesses, and our seniors — by advocating for smart public policy that keeps people in their homes, expanding access to health care, and ensuring our schools are safe for all.

Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Established free daycare for essential workers citywide.
  • Partnered to open testing sites and vaccination sites in Sacramento.
  • Worked with the Mexican Consulate to provide testing sites and vaccination clinics targeting Spanish-language speakers in our community.
  • Prioritized essential workers, seniors, and communities of color early in the vaccination process.
  • Developed a mental health and suicide prevention campaign targeting at-risk teens.
  • Championed efforts to provide low-cost or free access to the internet for families citywide.
  • Secured funding for a citywide hotline assisting displaced workers.
  • Developed an online library to support teachers and parents trying to keep literacy going through distance learning.
  • Championed resources for women and children dealing with domestic violence — which increased dramatically during the pandemic.
  • Delivered food and essential resources to families and seniors.
  • Established free transportation for seniors in low-income apartments to and from vaccination clinics.
  • Worked with union and labor leaders to provide vaccinations for workers on the front lines.
  • Delivered masks, outdoor heaters and other supplies to businesses.
  • Helped establish several citywide handwashing stations for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Provided virtual programming for families and teens to keep them active and engaged throughout the pandemic (drive-thru pumpkin patch, virtual egg hunt, teen book club with Sacramento Republic, positive sidewalk chalk art contest, scholarships, contests with door drop deliveries, and endless fun videos).
  • Provided regular updates and detailed communications directly to constituents during the pandemic. 
  • Hosted several essential worker appreciation efforts.
  • Ran our district Farmers Market with all necessary health guidelines in place.
  • Provided weekly outreach to every senior community in the district.
  • Worked closely with the area school districts to provide computers, internet, books, food, and support to every student in the community.
  • Supported millions of dollars in support for workers and small businesses.
  • Supported millions of dollars for rental assistance.
  • Helped implement project Room Key, moving folks experiencing homelessness into vacant hotel space.

Angelique’s husband, Zac, is an emergency room nurse who has faced this health crisis on the front line. She is proud to support not only his hard work and dedication to the well-being of people throughout our communities — but also to the healthcare workers who have given us their all since day one. They are heroes. 

Economic & Community Development

Angelique is a fearless advocate for neighborhoods and families. She’s been on the frontlines of efforts big and small — from installing speed bumps and stop signs, to helping secure hundreds of millions of dollars to revitalize neglected projects, build critical infrastructure, and bring thousands of high-wage jobs to the region. 

When she’s in the State Senate, Angelique will prioritize our families by protecting workers, supporting small businesses, bringing jobs to our communities, securing funding for projects and infrastructure, and improving access to opportunity for everyone.

Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Helped secure federal funding and congressional support for 43 miles of levee improvements and the lifting of a building moratorium for 110,000 residents.
  • Brought 5,000+ new high wage jobs to the region — and recruited a Fortune 500 company to Sacramento.
  • Led the design and funding of the North Natomas Community Center & Aquatics Facility to include Sacramento’s only Olympic-size pool, which was built with 100% union labor.
  • Launched the Downtown Revitalization Corp, investing tens of millions in key projects in the city’s urban core.
  • Increased public broadband access, including WiFi in dozens of city parks.
  • Secured funding for a new library in Del Paso Heights and prevented 3 libraries from closing by establishing ongoing funding to keep them open.
  • Secured funding to build 3 new schools and to modernize every school site in the district.
  • Recruited dozens of small and local businesses.
  • Established the only council-run certified farmers market.
  • Established funding for 700 K St development, including housing and dozens of businesses.
  • Provided gap funding for the downtown hotel adjacent to Golden 1 Center.
  • Serves as a board member for the new Sacramento science center, MOSAC (formerly the Powerhouse Science Center).
  • Built a strong relationship with Mexican Consulate including establishing a sister city in Mexico.
  • Established a pathways program to help high school students pursue careers in public safety.
  • Worked with the previous Mayor and City Council and the NBA to retain Sacramento Kings and to build the Golden 1 Center. 
  • During the pandemic, prioritized workers and helped small businesses with a hotline and financial resources.
  • Recruited child care providers to the district and supported full funding for afterschool programs.
  • Partnered with local transit authority on shuttles, bikeways, and connectivity for alternate transportation modes.
  • Supported climate change and conservancy goals.

Public Safety and Police Reforms

The safety of our families and communities is what matters most. On the City Council, Angelique expanded funding and programs to ensure our neighborhoods have more firefighters and emergency resources, brought diverse coalitions together to address neighborhood violence, and implemented important policing reforms like wearing body cameras. She championed Sacramento’s adoption of Breonna’s Law (making Sacramento, California’s first large city to ban no-knock drug raid warrants) and co-sponsored adoption of the national Black Lives Matter policy platform initiative, “8 That Can’t Wait.”

Playing a major role in helping protect the safety of the 110,000 people who live behind the Natomas levees, Angelique has also spent years fighting for flood control and critical levee improvements for Sacramento in the halls of Washington DC. 

In the State Senate, Angelique will continue to fight for our families by passing laws that address the root causes of crime, empower victims, address systemic racism, fund life-saving infrastructure, and keep all our families safe.

Public safety is about so much more than policing. It is about how we all work together. How we treat one another, and how we choose to show up for each other in times of conflict, crime, and tragedy. There is an unquestionable need to continue working on bettering police and community relations and Angelique will continue her dedication to community building as your State Senator.

Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Secured funds to hire more firefighters, triple Natomas’ ambulance fleet, build a new fire station, and improve emergency response times per call citywide.
  • Championed Sacramento’s adoption of Breonna’s Law — becoming the first major city in California to end no-knock drug raid warrants 
  • Led efforts to require body cameras on all Sacramento police officers.
  • Co-sponsored the local adoption of the national Black Lives Matter policy platform initiative “8 That Can’t Wait.”
  • Established a community coalition that reduced recidivism rates for high-risk parolees.
  • Helped secure congressional action and federal, state, and local funding to improve critical levee infrastructure protecting over 100,000 people, schools, businesses and homes.
  • Established a public safety career pathway program for high school students.
  • Supported a new city department dedicated to responding to mental health and homeless 911 calls (rather than a police response, a social worker is engaged).
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Improving Education and Youth Programs

Angelique knows personally why we need to invest more in our youth. At twenty years old she was a young single mother working full time and attending college at night — often with a toddler in tow. She relied on food stamps, lived in low-income housing, and took advantage of subsidized child care to make ends meet. She graduated from UC Davis earning a degree in Sociology and went on to earn her law degree from the University of Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law — all while raising her young son on her own. The assistance she received with child care, afterschool programs, youth recreation, and academic scholarships made both her and her young son’s education possible. 

Angelique is now married and a mom to three kids. She is a champion for education, recreation, child care, libraries, literacy, food access, safe parks, technology equity, and affordable after-school programs. She is a fighter for families. 

She led three separate ballot initiatives to secure over $300 million in funding to build more schools, libraries, a community center and an aquatics facility — and to modernize every school campus in the Natomas District.   

In the State Senate, she won’t stop — making sure our schools are well funded, and opportunities for youth are affordable, equitable, and intentional so that all students can succeed.

Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Secured $7.5 million to build a new library in Del Paso Heights.
  • Championed the passage of three separate school and library bond measures creating a $300 million investment in education — including the construction of three new schools, modernization on every school campus, and halting the closure of three public libraries citywide.
  • Built nine new city parks including a regional park.
  • Established a public safety career pathway program on the campus of Sacramento’s most populated high school.
  • Established the Youth Action Corps — a 1,000+ fleet of youth who work on community projects, by far the largest and most active youth committee in City Hall.
  • Earned recognition for her leadership on policies that ended the sale of flavored tobacco and vapes that were being marketed to the youth of Sacramento.
  • Earned recognition for her dedication and service to homeless youth and at-risk youth citywide.
  • Built the city’s newest and largest baseball and softball complex in a public park. 
  • Partnered with the school district to provide mental health programming and resources during the pandemic and beyond.
  • Partnered with the school district and community leaders to establish an International Baccalaureate program.
  • Partnered with the Sacramento Public Library to build a teen room in the North Natomas branch.
  • Led the region multiple years in summer reading participation, drawing in thousands of young readers to help improve regional literacy rates.
  • Has been an avid funder for many youth programs citywide including Voices of Youth, Grant Jr. cheer, Hiram Johnson cheer, Grant High School band and drumline, Natomas High football, City of Refuge in Oak Park, The Greenhouse in Northgate, and Girls on the Run.
  • Co-founded a consulting firm with her father to specifically address the needs of two populations: Foster youth and people exiting the criminal justice system.
  • Established and worked on programs for foster youth statewide (Alpine County, San Francisco County, San Diego County and Sacramento County).
  • Worked in foster care in Yolo County.
  • Served on Yolo County Mental Health Alliance.
  • Funded and helped distribute nearly $100,000 in scholarships to schools and students.
  • Funded and sited a Boys and Girls Club in both Natomas and South Sacramento in partnership with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency.
  • Worked with the local transit authority to provide bike safety programs, safe pathways to and from schools and supported bike to school programs that engaged thousands of families and students.
  • Secured funding for and built a community center and joint use aquatic facility.
  • Funded the build-out of Sacramento’s only Olympic-size pool.
  • Built and established a certified farmers market that accepts EBT — the only farmers market in the city staffed and funded by a Councilmember.
  • Established large-scale community events focused on youth and family — with participation as high as 10,000 event-goers.
  • Funded youth-led build-out of Ninos Park soccer fields, Wild Rose Park skate complex and community gardens, and Tanzanite Park futsal courts.

Establishing Good, Equitable Governance

When the government doesn’t work, our neighborhoods suffer. That’s why, when she was first elected, Angelique disrupted business-as-usual at City Hall.

On the City Council, Angelique established a code of ethics, an ethics commission, sunshine provisions, and a redistricting commission. She also led the implementation of mandated sexual harassment training, initiated an audit of the city’s gender and ethnic diversity, and established a new Office of Diversity and Equity which addresses implicit bias. She partnered with McKinsey Global Institute and Lean In to include government in their annual Women in Business global performance review and served as Chair to the citywide Good Governance Committee. She co-sponsored the ballot initiative which established an Independent Auditor and has twice taken the lead on audits to diversify citywide committees and commissions.

When she’s in the State Senate, Angelique won’t stop fighting for the judicious use of your taxpayer dollars. Angelique will make sure our state government doesn’t just work for the wealthy and well-connected, but for the people who live in working neighborhoods like South Sacramento, Oak Park, Northgate, North Sacramento, and across Senate District 8.

Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Established Sacramento’s Ethics commission, code of ethics, and sunshine ordinance.
  • Served as Chair of Sacramento’s Good Governance Committee.
  • Partnered with the Fair Political Practices Commission, League of Women Voters, and Common Cause to make Sacramento the leading large city in California on transparency and ethics policies.
  • Made sexual harassment prevention training mandatory for all elected officials in the City of Sacramento — which became a model for future statewide legislation.
  • Co-sponsored a package of budget stabilizing reforms; reducing long-term unfunded liability and creating a well-funded economic uncertainty fund.
  • Initiated an audit of the city’s gender and ethnic diversity. The audit is now annual and has established benchmarks for the future of Sacramento’s workforce.
  • Established the Diversity and Equity Department at City Hall.
  • Partnered with McKinsey Global to present to the city recommendations on bias, equity, and intersectionality of discriminatory practices.
  • Reformed and audited all citywide committees and commissions to reduce duplicative efforts, streamline processes and ensure diverse participation.
  • Partnered with the City Clerk to overhaul access to all city records, codes, election portals, and archived meetings into an online platform.
  • Partnered with the City Attorney to streamline the process for public information requests.
  • Established a citywide Redistricting Commission to ensure fair and equitable lines are drawn for council districts.
  • Co-sponsored a ballot measure to make the City Auditor independent and to make the position a charter requirement — protecting the viability and fairness required for the office to provide impartial analysis.
  • Established the citywide Police Oversight Commission and mandatory body camera policy.
  • Supported the addition of an Inspector General over the offices of public safety to compliment the work of the Office of Public Safety Accountability.
  • Identified and refunded $1.7 million dollars to homeowners from an unused — and yet collected — fee.
  • Established procedures that resulted in a prestigious statewide award recognizing the City of Sacramento as a family-friendly employer.

Addressing Homelessness and Housing

Too many families can’t afford their rent or mortgage — and too many of our neighbors end up unhoused on our streets. We can do better. We must.

Angelique introduced the homeless plan currently being implemented by City Hall, championed the expansion of St. John’s Women’s Shelter, helped pass policies promoting affordable housing, established the city’s housing trust fund, made the inclusionary housing ordinance apply citywide, built several affordable complexes in her district, helped fund downtown units through the Revitalization Corp, established millions of dollars annually to fund programs for women and children facing homelessness, hosted a citywide roundtable for service providers working with families experiencing homelessness, and worked to establish ongoing funding to house transition-age youth coming out of foster care. 

More needs to be done, and as your State Senator, Angelique will bring a much-needed local government perspective and an unrelenting focus on prioritizing the need for families to be safely housed in our communities.

California, the 5th largest economy in the world, should not have children sleeping on our streets.

Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Introduced a homeless plan adopted by the Sacramento City Council. It includes tiny homes, shelters, parking sites, hotel conversions, scatter sites, and additional housing – all with a requirement for wrap-around services.
  • Championed the expansion of St. John’s Women’s Shelter, serving 90 additional women and kids a year.
  • Established ongoing funding for housing transition-aged foster youth.
  • Hosted a citywide roundtable for service providers working with homeless families, women, and children.
  • Produced a report on the status of services for women and families experiencing homelessness.
  • Secured millions in annual funding for homeless women and children’s programs.
  • Built several low-income apartment complexes in the district and identified funding for complexes out of the district.
  • Expanded inclusionary housing ordinance to apply citywide.
  • Developed citywide housing trust fund.
  • Led the effort to lift building moratorium — allowing for hundreds of new housing units to be built.
  • Worked with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency to open several wrap-around service housing programs such as Mercy Housing on H and Hotel Berry in the downtown core.
  • Led with the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency the build-out and implementation of a tiny home campus for transition-age youth at Grove in North Sacramento.
  • Helped staff the law clinic hosted on-site at Loaves & Fishes.
  • Supported rental assistance for families impacted by the pandemic.
  • Championed the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency as they push for affordable housing solutions regionwide.
  • Introduced a plan in coordination with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency and the new Community Outreach department to achieve a functional zero model — meaning Sacramento would prioritize housing all women, children and families currently unhoused in our city.  

Angelique is supported by dozens of housing and homeless services advocates, including Sister Libby — the founder of Loaves & Fishes — because they have seen in action, her heart for service and dedication to helping those amongst us who are facing the most difficult of challenges.


Protecting the Environment

We need to protect the environment and fight climate change at all levels. Angelique has been doing just that — supporting Sacramento’s 2012 Climate Action Plan and the 2019 Climate Emergency Resolution, fighting for habitat restoration and mitigation, and consistently voting against sprawl development. 

In the State Senate, she will continue to be a champion for our planet and fight for those most impacted by the climate crisis — including our youth, working neighborhoods, and communities of color.

Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Served on statewide water association (ACWA), transportation, and air quality boards and advocated for sound environmental policies — including an aggressive habitat restoration and mitigation program for the Natomas Levee Flood Control Project.
  • Consistently voted against sprawl development, advocated for infill and transit-oriented development — while standing with neighbors against infill projects that did not mitigate adequately for tree loss and environmental impacts.
  • Supported Sacramento’s 2012 Climate Action Plan and the 2020 Climate Emergency Resolution.
  • Championed the Natomas Basin Conservancy’s continued implementation and expansion.
  • Expanded, improved, and connected miles of bikeways and trails to create safe alternative transportation routes for students and commuters.
  • Supported the city’s Vision Zero strategy for a master bike and pedestrian plan that reduces vehicle travel and emissions.
  • Has been a leader in Sacramento on the preservation of tree canopy, planting for the future, and establishing strong policies to prevent unnecessary tree removal.
  • Has earned strong environmental support for more than a decade.

Investing in the Arts & Entertainment

During her time in office, Angelique has helped cultivate our region’s rich arts and entertainment opportunities. She played a leading role in keeping the Sacramento Kings in our city, helped bring Major League Soccer to the 916, and led multiple efforts to enrich the region’s vibrant arts scenes. 

As your State Senator, Angelique will continue to support efforts — and secure funding — that make our community Northern California’s entertainment and arts capital.

Accomplishment Highlights:

  • Contributed to efforts to keep the Sacramento Kings in the city and to bring Major League Soccer to our community.
  • Co-sponsored the effort to renovate the Sacramento Community Center Theater.
  • Led the effort to establish a full-time Film Commissioner and Sacramento Arts Commission.
  • Co-chaired Sacramento’s citywide arts committee which created a permanent home for the Sacramento Ballet and the Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera — as well as a variety of other community arts groups.
  • Sponsored some of the largest art projects recently funded through the City of Sacramento’s public art program — a tribute to librarian Amber Clark, “Flip Flops” at the aquatic center, and the Baseball Arch at North Natomas Regional Park.
  • Attended a performing arts high school and supports the regions only performing arts high school housed in her district.
  • Funded the build-out of the only arts-based elementary school in the region, Star Academy.
  • Financial supporter of the Broadway Series and Music Circus.
  • Has been awarded twice by local film and art groups for her arts leadership in Sacramento.
  • Supported funding for local arts programs, the build-out of B Street Theater and is a contributor to the youth ballet program hosted by City of Refuge in Oak Park.
  • Hosts the largest movie nights in the city, averaging several thousand guests each summer.
  • Built an outdoor amphitheater in North Natomas Regional Park and supported funding to improve the outdoor amphitheater in Land Park.
  • Has been a major sponsor for youth sports: cheerleading, baseball, soccer, rugby, softball, futsal, football, golf, and basketball citywide and at every level of play.
  • Created a summer reading club partnering Sacramento Republic star soccer player Sam Werner with high school teens throughout the region.
  • Partnered with the Sacramento Republic on the “Girls Can” campaign about sports equity.
  • Partnered with the Sacramento Republic and local youth to build futsal courts.
  • Partnered with the Sacramento Republic to bring soccer camps to kids across the region, with an emphasis on girls soccer.
  • Partnered with the Sacramento Kings to honor women leaders annually.
  • Funded and built Sacramento’s only Olympic-sized pool. 
  • Partners regularly with Visit Sacramento to bring large-scale events to the region, including the Senior PGA tour. 
  • Funded and built Sacramento’s largest baseball and softball complex for youth in a city park.
  • Partnered with the Sacramento Philharmonic to bring programming into the community.
  • Played a major role in helping build the Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento — a venue that has drawn the likes of Paul McCartney, Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Maroon 5 to the region.
  • Has been a champion of Fairytale Town, Crocker Art Museum, and the Sacramento Zoo.
  • Partnered with local athletes and coaches as well as the Sacramento Republic to host voter registration events targeting athletes.
  • Serves as a board member for the new Sacramento science center, MOSAC (formerly the Powerhouse Science Center).
  • Partnered with the Sacramento Rivercats to honor women leaders in our region and to celebrate women in sports ownership — like the indomitable Susan Savage who owns the Rivercats and has endorsed Angelique to serve as Sacramento’s next Senator.
  • Has earned the endorsements of professional athletes like Olympic Gold Medalist Ruthie Bolton, Sacramento Republic player Sam Werner, and Sacramento Monarch Danielle Viglione.

Women’s Issues

For more than half of the 12 years Angelique has served on the Sacramento City Council, she was the only woman on the nine-member Council. This has made it important to her that she focus on women’s issues, and is why she has spearheaded a number of events, reports, and policies focused on women. Through these actions she has become a trusted leader and known advocate for women’s issues at City Hall and throughout the city of Sacramento.

Accomplishment highlights:

  • Initiated an audit of the city’s gender and ethnic diversity that specifically highlighted actions needed to intentionally hire, train and promote more women. The audit is now annual and has established benchmarks for the future of Sacramento’s workforce.
  • Established the Diversity and Equity Department at City Hall.
  • Partnered with McKinsey Global to present to the city recommendations on bias, equity, and intersectionality of discriminatory practices.
  • Hosted a roundtable event (which included homeless services agencies, domestic violence agencies, and government agencies) that produced a report on the status of services for women and families experiencing homelessness.
  • Advocated each year for at least $1 million in the City’s homelessness budget to be allocated to support women and children experiencing homelessness.
  • Established free daycare for essential workers citywide within 72 hours of the COVID-19 shutdown.
  • Holds a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood Mar Monte.
  • Has been exclusively endorsed by several national, state, and local women’s organizations, including EMILY’s List, Moms in Office, California Women’s List, California Legislative Democratic Women’s Caucus, and the National Women’s Political Caucus – CA
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